For sale

Laser and Byte. Both in good condition with sails, all rigging, centerboard, rudder/tiller mast & boom. No damage. No Repairs. No leaks. Michael

Laser boom, mast, centre-board, rudder and tiller. Mark 

Rudder blade for Open Bic kids sailboat. Will sell for $200 or best offer. Carla

Kayak, Advanced Elements inflatable 2 person, $650. Wayne 647-243-2259 

Boat trailer, small. $85 John Brock  


2 laser boat trailer. Mika 

Laser, fair condition. Magued (Milo) Bishara 

Laser in racing condition, Sandra

Hobie 14 left (port) sidebar Bruce and Claudia

Canoe, larger size, Barna/Audrey

Kayak, Debbie 

Kayak & paddle board, Moira

Laser dolly, lower full rig, Laser mast, Frank

Laser dolly, Stuart 

Laser dolly, Bista

Laser II dolly, Charlott

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